Areas Of Practice


    In modern times , the needs of business entities , other legal persons and the individual are complex and multifaceted. Given that the several branches of the Law are interdependent , continuous training and specialization is required in all of them. Our office covers all the needs of our customers, undertaking a wide range of cases.

    The areas of our practice and expertise include the following:

    Criminal Law

    Civil Law
    Family Law
    Inheritance Law
    Property Law
    Real Estate
    Cadastre/ land registry
    Traffic/car accidents
    Indebted households

    Labor Law

    Ecclesiastical Law
    Commercial Law
    Competition/Antitrust Law
    Intellectual/Industrial Property Law
    Community and National Trademarks
    Company Law
    Banking Law

    Administrative Law
    Public Procurement Law
    Tax Law
    Insurance Law

    For more information about the fields of our activity and practice, please contact us.

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